Canvas Connector Student Planner for Google Sheets

Canvas Connector Student Planner

The Canvas Connector Student Planner is a tool that helps students manage their coursework in Canvas Learning Management System ( LMS ) by Instructure. It does this by connecting to your Canvas account and importing your courses and assignments into a Google Sheet. This makes it easy to keep track of your work, stay organized, and stay on top of your deadlines.

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Canvas Connector Student Planner
You can refresh from Canvas by Instructure at any time. New assignments, courses, grades and submission status will appear in their respective rows and columns.
The default sort is by date due and the submitted checkbox. Your unsubmitted assignments due soonest are sorted to the top to ensure your prioritize your coursework appropriately for the best grades this term!
You can customize the sheets by adding your own columns and sorting and filtering as you please.
Canvas Connector Student Planner
Once you submit assignments, they will be checked off. Assignments are color-coded: red for late, orange for due within a week, not yet open in grey. You can also hide any column you don't want to see.
Canvas Connector Student Planner
All your courses are imported and new courses appear automatically. You can add your own columns to track your progress in each course.
Canvas Connector Student Planner
New information is highlighted in green with each refresh. Quickly see new grades, new assignments or any edits from your instructors. Click on the Assignment Name to go straight to the assignment in your Canvas by Instructure.
Canvas Connector Student Planner
Setup is easy. Just enter your Canvas by Instructure URL and token as well as your license key. Progress bars show progress as your data is loaded from Canvas. You can also customize the sheets by adding your own columns and sorting and filtering as you please.

All licenses are for a term of one year from date of purchase. Discounts are offered on renewal as the license expiration date approaches.

* just leave Course ID or Assignment ID blank * except those required